About Us

FinVu create, protect & invest your wealth.

Gerard Hansen and the FinVu team will source the most suitable loan product, create your bespoke financial plan and provide access to the risk protection to provides the ideal situation for you and your family.

FinVu then complete the financial package with investing your superannuation in the right profile for your personally, invest the wealth.

They call this the total Financial View – the Fin Vu….

Advice you can trust

FinVu’s range of advisory services includes:

  • Developing and revising long term financial plans:
    • Preparing a comprehensive financial plan
    • Initiating a new retirement plan
    • Revising and revamping current plans
  • Protecting your overall wealth for you and your loved ones with personal insurance.
  • Financial strategies such as:
    • Transition to retirement planning; reducing your working hours, without reducing your income
    • Investment advice and planning to reach a particular life stage goal
    • Managing or reducing debt

Strategies to match your needs

Here’s an insight into some of the strategies FinVu can look at for your individual plan:

  • Starting, rolling over or consolidating your superannuation
  • Selecting more suitable investment options in your superannuation
  • Setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF)
  • Reviewing your insurance needs and looking at cost effective options
  • Sensible investing in property, managed funds, shares
  • Borrowing to invest using home equity or an investment loan
  • Equitable wealth distribution in your Will and Estate planning
  • Getting your mortgage finance sorted
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