Financial Planning

FinVu Financial Services provides strategic financial planning solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We are a fee for service business with a transparent fee structure. We focus on building long term working relationships and understand that the key to sound financial planning starts with listening to you and understanding your current situation.

Our role is to identify all of the factors you can control and those that you cannot, and by asking the right questions we can help you set your individual goals and meet your planning objectives. We take the time to ensure that we understand your needs and objectives and we build robust strategies in line with your needs and empower you to make the right planning decision for you.

We believe that a comprehensive financial plan centres on three main corner-stones:

  • Estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Personal risk management and lifestyle protection
  • Wealth accumulation

Our Solutions

  • Helping and protecting your family
  • Protecting and enjoying your lifestyle
  • Planning for the expected and being financially prepared for unexpected events
  • Creating financial comfort for you and your loved ones
  • Building a legacy

Protect Your Future with Life Insurance

Every successful financial plan has a back-up plan: choosing the right insurance is vital. Insurance can future-proof your finances and help you and your loved ones navigate through life’s more difficult times.

That way, if you’re unable to earn an income or look after the daily needs of your family due to sickness, injury or death, you’ll have insurance in place to protect your plans and keep your finances on track.

Choosing the right insurance

Start by talking with your FinVu financial planner about what really matters to you.

Together you’ll discuss your entire financial portfolio, taking into account your plans and future needs. We’ll then give you options for your insurance and help structure it in the most cost-effective way.

Finvu has an extensive panel of Australia’s leading insurers to choose from, so we can help you select both the right cover and right insurance company for your needs.

What are your insurance options

You’ll explore the benefits of the different types of insurance including:

  • Income Protection insurance. This pays you a regular income when you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. It can continue to fund your financial plan if you can’t.
  • Critical Illness insurance. This pays a lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness. It takes care of financial matters, so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Life insurance. This pays a lump sum benefit on death, which can shore up your family’s finances to repay loans, for education, or investing to generate an income.
  • Total & Permanent Disability insurance. This pays a lump sum benefit if you become disabled and are unable to work again. It provides some ongoing financial independence.

Like to find out more?

If you’d like to find out how a FinVu  planner can help you plan for now and for the future, please call us on 02 9969 6596.

Book your complimentary appointment now.

We think getting to know each other is essential. That’s why the first appointment with a FinVu financial planner is complimentary. In less than an hour we’ll give you food for thought and then you decide when you want to come back.

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