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Gerard Hansen and the FinVu team  prides itself on providing completely independent mortgage solutions. We are one of the more reputable mortgage brokers in Australia offering loan products from up to twenty lenders.

What will you have to pay for our services?

Our services to you are free, however other fees may apply. During our first meeting we will complete a broker contract so that we can help you take the most appropriate steps to your loan.

What do we do for our clients?

We will search the mortgage market to find you the most competitive deal, one that matches your needs and circumstances.  We’ll remove the complex matters and give you straight forward advice with a totally independent view.  Upon signing the application form, we will trace and track the application until settlement.

Post settlement services

  • Quarterly newsletter with extensive industry updates
  • Processing of loan increases and variations
  • General customer service
  • Regular personal follow up

Our offices are open from 9.00am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Even if you can’t make those times we’ll work around you.

To arrange a meeting with one of our expert advisers, or for further information,  call us on 02 9969 6596 or send us an email.

A mortgage broker can make a big difference

FinVu’s approach puts you in control, rather than the banks. Our services include:

  • Work out your borrowing needs short, medium and long term and find mortgages that accommodate them.
  • Compare interest rates, fees and lender policies with multiple lenders
  • Explain different lender & product options including things like:
    • Lending policies –  what are they and how will they affect you
    • Responsiveness – will they react within your purchase time-frame
    • Post settlement service – do they have branches or call centre only
  • Negotiate interest rates and terms
  • Structure your loan to accelerate your mortgage payments or reduce your taxation
  • Help implement paperwork and submit the loan to the lenders

Time to refinance

You may find that your current loan won’t be the best for your needs. Rates are coming down and some banks aren’t passing on all reductions.

New products have being launched with new features and sharper prices. We can bring your loan up to date.

Property investing

Investment property can be an important part of a financial plan but if not properly thought through, can divert cash from your core investments.

We can ensure smarter property decisions by placing them in the context of your overall plan.

Your financial planner has a role

As a FinVu client, we work to deliver a home loan that aligns with your financial plan strategies.


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