The sooner you start to focus on your superannuation, the sooner you’ll know that it will become a valuable part of your saving and retirement strategy.

The financial advice you’ll receive from FinVu will ensure that you make the most of the wonderful wealth creating opportunities that superannuation offers.

Whether you’re a PAYE employee, self-employed, having some time away from work to focus on your family or approaching your retirement, there are many different strategies you can adopt to get more from your super.

The advice you’ll receive will guarantee you’re making the most of your superannuation. Starting with saving you money by consolidating your different super accounts, we can also show you how to boost your savings and minimise your tax via salary sacrifice, divert cash flow from your home loan into your super, convert business capital into tax-free retirement benefits or set up and run your own Self Managed Super Fund.


Superannuation is your money, put aside over the course of a lifetime in order to provide for your future. At Custodian, we therefore believe it is in your best interest to make that forced saving as financially profitable as it is possibleto do. A Custodian Financial Advisor is able to provide you with options for managing your Superannuation now and in the years ahead that will not only provide you with reassurance for the future, but also excite you with the possibilities of the present.

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